Making Creative Choices… Collaborating with Life

Posted on Feb 27, 2011

It was one of those moments in life that come by surprise, bearing unexpected gifts. I was walking to meet a friend for coffee when I got a text asking if we could meet 15 minutes later. With the extra time, I decided to take a different route. As I turned around, I met this couple beside me on the street.

I do not know them. They did not see me. I did not speak. But, in that passing instant, Life gave me a gift I shall not forget.

I witnessed, first on the woman’s face and then the man’s, the light of love. For her, it came as the coy kind of smile that might have lit up her face 50 years earlier; her look expressed something daring, innocent, knowing and rare. For him, it came as a look of sweet surprise, as if he had just seen the love of his life for the first time in as many years. It was a moment of intimacy, tenderness and love. And I was privileged to be there.

Such moments are fleeting. I count myself fortunate to have gotten that text and to have changed my mind. Had I continued up that sidewalk, this lovely couple would have been walking behind me. Their private moment would have passed between them, unnoticed by me. I was not looking for this moment, but I am richer for it.

Every moment in life is rich with possibility, especially the moments we see as “getting there.” When we are willing to be surprised, willing to be touched, willing to engage, we open the door for Life to come in. Life is always in the street with presents, and it’s looking for collaborators. How we respond is our choice, and that choice can be creative.

What gifts have you found in the street today? How are you responding?

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