“Do what you love, the money will follow.” The rest of the story.

black box of success

Do what you love, the money will follow. Popularized in the 90s by a self-help book of the same title this idea was then revisited 15 years later in another successful book, The Secret. Ideas like these have led millions of  personal development seekers to believe that all you have to do is change your thinking, and your life will change. But when you do and it doesn’t you’re left wondering, “What did I do wrong?” Too good to be true?  What’s missing in this magic formula...

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Success has 2 personalities: Why you need both

In last week’s post, I asked you to define your success formula and score yourself at the end of the week according to how your activities added up. (If you didn’t see that post, have a quick look and create your own personal formula for success now.)   This week I have four questions for you. What’s your formula? How did you score? Is it working? If not, what’s missing? Success is something you must define for yourself. For the relief worker, it’s saving lives....

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What’s Your Success Formula?

How do you measure success? How do you assess your strategy for life? Is it based on how you feel? How much money you make? How many likes you get on your Facebook posts? “Before you climb that ladder of success make sure it’s leaning against the right wall.” Stephen Covey wanted you take time now to ensure that your life today is taking  you where you want to go. So how to do that? What is the right success formula for you? I first asked myself this question when I...

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