12 Steps to Create a Life You’ll Love to Live. Step 9.

Backup of 12Steps_9 - Version 2What do you do when you achieve something? What does it take for you to stop and appreciate who you are in your world, on your street, in your chair and what you bring me into the world just by being you? When do you have the hardest time sitting still?

I myself have plenty of difficulty here. It’s always easier for me to just keep moving, keep pushing, keep reaching for the next thing. Keep creating. But that’s a bit like reaching for more food when I’ve not eaten what’s on my plate. Isn’t it?

Sit still for 60 seconds right now and feel the sacredness of your place in the world and what you’re doing with it.

This post is #9 in a series of 12 which takes you through the 12 stages of the creative process of being alive, using the compass I outline in my book, The Wheel Of Creativity: Taking Your Place in the Adventure Of Life.

Step 9: Sit still.

The ninth step in the journey is to sit still. Station nine in the Wheel of Creativity is Breakthrough.

Breakthrough is the place where you finally have something to show for all your hard work. It’s probably not complete, and there is still work to do to see it mature. But there is something in the world that didn’t exist before.

The experience of breakthrough is appreciation. There’s a real tendency to keep moving, stay busy and keep moving out into the world. What is really appropriate here is to stop and be a witness. Be present with what’s in front of you. It’s in the world because of you.

No matter what’s coming next, the most important takeaway from this place in the creative process is to sit still, know yourself as creator and appreciate what has come through you into the world. It is a blessing!

And when you appreciate it, it will lead you on to…

Step 10, which I’ll describe tomorrow.

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