If you’re not living your dream, toss it. It’s taking up space.

Posted on Oct 10, 2013

bigstock-Illustration-of-Teenage-Girl-c-44825830The first rule of clearing out your closet is: If you haven’t worn it in the past year, throw it out.

  • If it once looked great, but doesn’t fit anymore…
  • If it’s torn, stretched, stained or faded…
  • If someone gave it to you but you never liked it…
  • If you got a great deal but it was never really you…

Get it out of your closet. It’s taking up space!

Use It or Lose It

The same holds true for dreams. If 2013 has slipped by and you didn’t achieve what you dreamed to do, get rid of that dream and get a new one.

The problem with those old, familiar clothes (and dreams) is that they clutter up your closet (and your mind). It might look like you have lots of choices, but when those choices don’t make you happy they obscure your vision and drain your joy. Here, in yet another area of your life, less is more.

Which of your ideas are worn-out or faded? Which of your visions might have seemed like a good idea at the time but you just don’t have the heart to see them through? Which dreams did you inherit from a well-meaning friend or family member, but they just don’t fit you?

Send them packing! Set yourself free!

It’s at least as difficult to clear your mind of worn-out dreams as it is to clear your closet of those skinny clothes you’re keeping just in case. We all need a trusted friend to mirror the truth about what actually fits us and what doesn’t, and which of our dreams need to go to charity.

This Sunday, October 13th, in preparation for my 2014 tele-course, please join me for my first free Discovery Call of the Autumn season. In this 30-minute hands-on call you’ll:

  • Discover what left-over dreams crowd the closet of your mind
  • Weed out the outmoded fantasies you’re not realizing
  • Make space for the dreams you really want to wear

Just as you only have so much room in your closet, you only have so much space in your life. Just-in-case dreams drain energy. Better (and more empowering) to have fewer choices that make you smile than more choices just in case.

I know what it’s like to commit to a dream – to invest your time, energy and money to put out in the world what you just have to – and have the circumstances of your life push against you every step of the way. That’s life (and the design of the universe). You have to make choices in life. The dreams you choose to keep and wear don’t just cover you; they create you. But they need your attention.

My commitment is to help you complete and sell your own work, to take your place in the adventure of life. So join me for this call and take the next step to your design your own life… a life you’ll love to live.

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