Your Morning Practice #3: Channel Your Emotions (Toward Your Passionate Purpose)

Channel Your Emotions

Channel Your Emotions Toward Passionate Purpose: part three in a four-part series about the power of a morning practice. A morning practice gives you your own personal development plan for achieving goals in your life at home and work. In the first post I focused on Mindset, your Mind and how to direct your thoughts. Last week’s post covered Imagination, and your Spirit where it lives. We’ve looked at how both of these personal human systems are nourished by your morning...

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Vision, Creativity & Productivity

What kinds of thoughts are occupying your mind today? If you were to take 30 seconds now, could you retrace your mental navigation over the past five minutes? Are your thoughts worth the space they’re using in your mind? Are they paying the rent? Or are they costing you your full sense of aliveness? Today’s post is the second in my June series on making productivity fun again. Last week we talked about taking time out for yourself in order to reconnect with what’s really...

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