Ikigai and the Path from Passion to Purposeful Work

downhill skier

The path from passion to purposeful work. You only have to watch the Olympics to see where it can take you. If you want to take it all the way you will also see what it costs. But without it, life is not really worth living.According to the ancient Japanese concept of Ikigai, passion lives in the intersection between what you love doing and what you’re good at.Ikigai is a flower with four petals:What you loveWhat you’re good atWhat the world needsWhat you can be paid...

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Creative Living: Show Me The Beauty

I sat down to work this morning and browsed my iTunes library for a bit of music to accompany my work. I came across a name I had not noticed there in quite a while. A little distraction ensued, which has now led to this post. That name was Ben Solee. I’ll let you discover the wonderful talent of Ben Solee on your own, but I want to share where this little distraction has led me today. Track number eight in Ben’s album “Learning to Bend” is called...

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