Creative Bravery: Four Antidotes to the Fear of Self-Expression

Closed door in neon hallway

What is your first memory of creative energy?I remember so clearly that night in our family room in Houston. I was about three… and I could feel it. I was dancing around, laughing and waving my arms in the air. But something was different.Suddenly I could feel that the other people in that room were uncomfortable with me, wanted me to stop. What did I conclude? “I’m just too big. I’d better reel in my energy. And quick!” It was a turning point in my life. But it took me...

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How to Put Pleasure Back in Productivity

In the last 24 hours, I have listened to otherwise successful people talk about: Being so busy that they can’t meet a friend for lunch… all month Being so stressed out that they are feeling dizzy on their feet Developing sciatica because they are sitting at the computer too much Setting timers to remember to breathe or move their bodies When I hear stories like this, which I hear a lot now, I have to ask, “Is this really how we want to live?” Is this what it takes to be...

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