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SPRING A new season. A new vision. A new start. What do you want to change? What result do you want to produce? Might be another zero on your bank balance Might be more appreciation for what you do Might be a new love for your body Might be someone to lay down beside you Might just be a deeper relaxation inside your own skin Choose one. And come get the system that will help you navigate the gap between where you are today and this seemingly-distant goal in your heart....

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Five Life Lessons on Money and Meaning

Money and Meaning. Yesterday I had coffee with an old friend here in Nice. We first met in 2010 at my first-ever public presentation about the Wheel of Creativity®. She is a master of Marketing knowledge, and we share common values for human beings and the planet. So we often talk about the intersection of money and meaningful work. In our professional practices, we both see so many of our clients – especially social entrepreneurs – struggle to bring the two together. As we...

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Just Do This. Four Steps to Undo What Stops You and Get On With It Now.

What’s the one thing you feel you absolutely must do before you die? What stops you? Maybe there is one huge thing for you. Maybe there are a few. Maybe you’re still not sure. Most if not all of us have something we really want to do that we’re not doing… something that takes more than one step and more than five minutes to complete. And it’s uncanny how often these undone things are directly linked to what matters most to us. Day after day, week after week, month...

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What word did you use this year? Resolution? Intention? Vision? We’re three and ½ weeks into the year now. So… Are you on track and feeling successful? Or… Are you already frustrated with yourself? Do you feel scattered, trying to do too many things at once? Are you spinning with noble goals, only to end each day further behind? Do you start things that are really important to you, but never finish them? Well… Maybe you’re trying to do too many things at...

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The Innovator’s Attitude: Four Secrets of the Successful

Innovator Attitude Make Failure Your Ally

The most successful people in the world – the Elon Musks, the Richard Bransons, the Warren Buffetts – see every problem as an innovation in disguise. They seem to instinctively know how to turn problems into opportunities and opportunities into breakthroughs. So what do they do with failure? Life is change. And innovation is the creative response to change. Getting from how-things-are to how-things-could-be is all about attitude. What does it take to think (and act) like...

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The Power of Ideas to Change the World… or Not

force of power

Have you ever read a book whose pages echo your own experience and validate something you know but have never heard anyone else say? From time to time in my life, I’ve found such a book; and it is for me by far the most exciting kind of book to read. Today I want to share a few words from my 2017 discovery. This year, I’ve been reading The Complete MasterKey System by Charles Haanel. Every day in my morning practice, I’ve continued my in-depth study of the...

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