“Go to your room.” What Mother Nature Needs You to Think About Now.

“That’s enough, children! Go to your rooms. And before you come out, I want you to think about what you’ve done to get here. Reflect on the consequences of your actions, and think about what you need to change to get along with each other. Is this really how you want to be?” This Sunday is Mother’s Day in the USA. And recently as I’ve reflected on our current circumstances, it’s all started to feel like it did when I was a child and things got a bit wild...

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Grieving Normal: 5 Strategies for Life in the Time of Coronavirus

EDITOR’S NOTE: The same day I published this post, the Harvard Business Review also posted an article on grief. Gather strategies wherever you can, but come back here for your final read. 😇 Remember New Year’s Eve? We celebrated the start of a new year and a new decade with energy, optimism, vision and plans. There was so much we were going to do this year.  I had launched a virtual mastermind program in October, and by January 1st, the 12 women in it...

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The Life In Your Years: Making Meaning in Every Decade

I’m just about to get on a plane after a week in Houston, Texas for my cousin’s 80th birthday. It’s the place where I was born, so I’m thinking a lot about my life to date. I’ve lived six decades so far, and I am moving deeper into my seventh. I hope I have many more, but nothing is certain.Each decade of life brings a developmental task we need to complete in order to move forward in our lives in strength. If any of these tasks are not achieved, we move forward in life...

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Five Life Lessons on Money and Meaning (Revisited)

life lessons on money and meaning

This post was first published on March 15th, 2018. But as Money & Abundance have been our theme this past month in my mastermind group, I thought I'd bring it out to share with you here. Somehow it's always a relevant topic, isn't it!Yesterday I had coffee with an old friend here in Nice. We first met in 2010 at my first-ever public presentation about the Wheel of Creativity®. She is a master of Marketing knowledge, and we share common values for human beings and the...

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One Minute Message Digest June 2019

Podcast Digest - June 2019Was June a little more eventful than you’re accustomed to? For many the start of Summer brought drastic changes, frustrating setbacks, huge challenges and yet within all of it, new opportunities. I truly hope that the One Minute Message podcast series provided something to keep you optimistic through it all. Life came fast at me this month but I never lost sight of this important media platform that allows thought leaders, entrepreneurs,...

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How to Train your Mindset: Five-a-Day to Domesticate your Inner Dragon

Woman with face in hands

The human mind is like a dragon, with a twoheaded superhuman power: one head wreaks chaos in the world and one makes magic in it. One of Life’s most important challenges is to learn to manage that power. How you do this gives you your unique creative signature for success… or your formula for a lifetime of frustrating failure. How you do this creates the meaning of your life.Mind over MatterOne of the greatest predictors of your success is your Mindset. Your mindset is...

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