The Vulnerability of a Creative Vision

Over the years people have told me that vulnerability is my superpower. But recently, I’ve also become aware how reluctant I’ve been. I’ve hidden behind figuring things out, doing things right, working harder than anyone, having a fixed idea of how things need to be. Vulnerability is easier to own as an idea than an actual practice. But it is a powerful teacher.Because in creativity, vulnerability changes everything. Vulnerability according to Brené...

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Faith and the Power of Letting Go

Katherine and Mary Carol at the piano

I’ve just returned from 10 days in Texas with the woman I have loved as a sister all my life. Mary Carol came with her younger brother to live in our home at 16 after spending 10 years in an orphanage. Her father (my father’s brother) and mother both died of cancer when she was six and her brother was just 18 months. Six months later I was born, so she was there as long as I can remember. You kind of think life will go on forever until a certain age. You think that the...

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Ikigai and the Path from Passion to Purposeful Work

downhill skier

The path from passion to purposeful work. You only have to watch the Olympics to see where it can take you. If you want to take it all the way you will also see what it costs. But without it, life is not really worth living.According to the ancient Japanese concept of Ikigai, passion lives in the intersection between what you love doing and what you’re good at.Ikigai is a flower with four petals:What you loveWhat you’re good atWhat the world needsWhat you can be paid...

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The Story Challenge: What story do you want to tell with your life?

The Story Challenge 2022

Today is the first day of National Storytelling Week.This annual UK festival runs through February 4th and brings live storytelling to schools, theaters, pubs, town halls and anywhere the public will gather to hear stories told. In the UK, lucky school children will get a chance this week to learn to craft and share their own stories. And it just doesn’t seem fair that we don’t all get that chance. So, in celebration of this inspired event, I’ve put together a...

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Beyond The Great Resignation… 5 Steps to Reinventing Yourself with Passion

Passion brought us here

Decades ago Coco Chanel spoke my future with these words:“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” I lived out Mlle Chanel’s words – cutting off all my long silky hair – when what I really wanted to do was change my relationship. Eventually, I did that too. And then my partner at the time and I both wrote songs about it!These are those kinds of times.One of my clients put it so simply in our last Creative Process Group: “I feel like I’m waiting on...

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12 Days of Creativity for 2022

What is creativity

Creativity is such a buzz word now, it's practically lost its meaning. In the past few decades it has evolved from artistic genius to craft making, from a talent you do or don't have to a skill you must develop to succeed in business. Every one of these ideas misses the mark, or touches only one part of it.Creativity is the force of Life itself. We see it all around us it in Nature... from the stars to our cells. It flows around and through us all the time whether we see it...

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