Your Morning Practice #3: Channel Your Emotions (Toward Your Passionate Purpose)

Channel Your Emotions

Channel Your Emotions Toward Passionate Purpose: part three in a four-part series about the power of a morning practice. A morning practice gives you your own personal development plan for achieving goals in your life at home and work. In the first post I focused on Mindset, your Mind and how to direct your thoughts. Last week’s post covered Imagination, and your Spirit where it lives. We’ve looked at how both of these personal human systems are nourished by your morning...

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Your Morning Practice in 10 Strategic Steps. Get a Grip on (the Best of) Yourself!

morning practice for thinking outside the box

I love this image because it says so much about the process of innovation. In my last post, you saw this box from the outside… the black box between “Do what you love” and “the money will follow.” This week we go inside to understand how to create a morning practice to train your mind, body, spirit and heart every day to think and act outside that box. In my early-morning Facebook Live video at the start of this week, I promised to put my strategy for a successful start to...

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Pre-Holiday Anxiety??? Don’t just survive your holidays this year. CREATE them! Winter doldrums, holiday crazies, sugar mania or familyitis? You can prevent them all with 3 natural steps… WALK • WRITE • TALK A FIVE-WEEK JOURNEY OF RESTORATION AND CREATIVITY with Katherine Robertson-Pilling Author of The Wheel of Creativity: Taking Your Place in the Adventure of Life Creativity Mentor & your “Holiday Survival Guide” If you’re in the Denver area, don’t miss out!...

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Save the Pumpkins: A Plea from Little Jack O’Lantern

Being a city girl most of my life, I have cherished my experiences of country living, not only for the slower pace, but also for the wildlife I discovered there. This time of year, I can’t help thinking of a certain species whose season only lasts for a short time at the end of October. This week’s blog is devoted to a young lad I met a few years ago who asked me to share his tale with kind-hearted people like you. This is his story. “Hi!  My name is Jack. Katherine...

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A Snail’s Place: What it Means to Live Creative

This morning my husband and I went to the supermarket to buy groceries. We worked our way through the store backwards, starting on the side where we usually end up and ending up in the produce section. It was there where this parable grew. While I stood in line to weigh my beetroot Ian was choosing celery. When he handed me the celery bunch for weighing, I noticed that there in the leafy branches was a small snail. I was amazed and awed and joyful to see this living...

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